Southern Glam wedding | Lessie + Jared | Black Fox Farms, Cleveland, TN

Have you ever walked into a wedding that in every detail reflected the couple’s personalities, style and taste?  In this cold winter weather,  before I even made inside the very cozy and beautifully decorated barn at Black Fox, I could hang out  next to a crackling fire in the outdoor rustic fire pit, and pour myself some hot cocoa that was so thoughtfully set up for the arriving guests.  Not just any hot cocoa, mind you. But the cocoa that you get to stir with a super cool thick and tasty peppermint candy cane. Forget the winter! Here I was, photographing this wedding, but I felt every bit like an honored guest and a friend of these two people in love.
If there was one thing Dustin and I have learned about the two of them throughout the entire pre-wedding process, is there is no way after knowing them that one would not become their friends. On this wonderful emotionally-charged celebration of their marriage, we felt every bit a part of their family, like we have known them way back when. Call me silly, but I feel the same butterflies when bride walks down the isle, and get teary-eyed when I watch the father-daughter dance, and cheer when groom gets to kiss his wife. And if you were here, you would have cried too. Lessie and Jared are both the only child to their parents, which makes this epic moment so much more priceless and emotional – seeing their most precious daughter and son give forever vows to one another.

There are also stories, beautiful stories woven into this day. Lessie’s dad told me on the wedding day how the night before he was to give a speech at the rehearsal, and then right before then he opened a special gift his daughter gave him – a tie clip that said, “I will always be your baby girl”. He said that’s when he lost it, and could hold back his tears any more… I hope you see that in the photos of their dance. I hope you also see the heart-shaped blue cloth sewn into the left side of Lessie’s dress – a part of special memory that represented her dear late grand daddy whom she was very close with. I hope you notice the little girl gold ring on her finger borrowed from a dear sweet friend and her little girl. And if you pay attention, you will notice Lessie’s mom’s old vintage garter – something “old”. All of those are little symbols of love and connection these


Lessie and Jared’s winter affair was nothing short of a glamorous, stylish, festive, romantic and stunning. From Lessie’s Southern princess gown with sweetheart neckline, lots of sparkle and frills, to her super-glamorous and bold statement pink sequined boots, to hot pink and red centerpieces, the barn filled with lights and pink details, to all-pink-and-red candy table, with personalized candy names. This amazing celebration combined beautiful traditions with modern spunk, fairy-tale Cinderella ball with country charm.

UNexpectedly for Tennessee, this particular day turned out so very bitterly cold. I would say our bride and her bridesmaids in their beautiful flowy dresses braved the cold, in their high heels, all while looking beautiful and chic.

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