Alexandria + Phil: Engagement Photos in Cleveland, TN

I guess you could say there is a method to our madness when we get behind our lenses. We love to watch and catch the glimpses of a subtle and unspoken dynamic, the real connection that happens between people in love, a family, or parent and a child…

This time we got an honor to observe all three. Cue a beautiful, stylish, fun and passionate couple, Phil and Alexandria. Their personalities as bright as that morning’s sunshine.

Alexandria found us through another awesome friend, and she was so excited about getting to know us and getting us to capture some beautiful images of them. In fact, when she speaks, she does not run out of adjectives. I think such encouraging and kind disposition really does play a part in her chosen profession – she just graduated with her Master’s Degree in Special Education at Lee University. And then we met Phil, who came to meet us as the best dressed man, with a tie. I  mean, come on, you can always give some awesome points to a man that wears a tie! We have come to know Phil as an intelligent and hard working man as well, as well as best dressed.

Cue Payton, a special addition to our session, a dazzling two-year-old bundle of cute, and need I say again, way too stylish, all in one awesome package! If you have a toddler or know of one, you could agree that most of them do not appreciate their space invaded or unnecessary paparazzi attention. But after the first wave of territorial independence wore off and she started waring up to us, soon simply forgetting we were there with cameras, that is when we caught real Payton.

We also caught her mommy’s glimpse of worry when she got closer to the pond to throw some rocks, and we caught her daddy’s gentle guidance as she practice throwing said rocks. We caught the love and care that is so present among these three, and that was enough, and that made it all perfect.

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