Kelsey + Matthew Engagement Session|Old Woolen Mill|Cleveland, TN Engagement & Wedding Photographer

So much fun to watch the dynamic between these two!

Kelsey and Matthew warned us in advance to not expect them to be too serious or stiff, and they were completely right. Just to see them smile and giggle, and poke fun at each other the whole time – that spunky spirit was contagious to us as well. Not that we ever take ourselves too seriously either.

We started out against the rustic backdrop of the famous Old Woolen Mill, the favorite around Cleveland, along with some moody cloudy skies and after-the-rain puddles. But no moody sky could dampen this fun couple. Lucky for us, the sun came out soon, and we could complete our photo shoot with a sunny and warm outdoor nature shots in the nearby favorite location.

I think Kelsey is the sassy one here, humorous and witty. But then, cue Matthew, who never runs out of things to joke about and seems to always have a sunny disposition no matter the circumstance. Looking forward to more of that come their wedding day this June. For now, we will let you take and peek and enjoy some of the photos we captured of them having a great time together.


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