Vadim + Olga Elegant Classic Wedding | Sioux Falls, SD Wedding Photographer

Olga and Vadim’s traditional Ukrainian wedding was set in the middle of an extremely cold day. Of all days that week and that month, it had to get freezing cold on their wedding day!!

But that’s how life seems to work, to make us stop the crazy overwhelm and focus on the simple things that we are there to celebrate. I am especially touched being able to photograph and blog this wedding because Olga is my sister, my “little” sister.

As a photographer I am so honored to be allowed into people’s lives on such very special and sacred day. But this time, being her photographer and her family, felt different. That would explain to you why my viewfinder got fogged up a few times, as I often had to wipe my tears behind my camera.

I understand so many of you now that cry at weddings. This profound moment when you let go, when you release someone very special with blessing on a new journey, when you trust someone else (ahem, Vadim) to now love and hold her for the rest of her life.

No, you don’t understand, I have watched my little sister when she was a new baby brought home from a hospital. I remember the day when we as our entire family with all my siblings (all but one, who wasn’t born yet) had picked a name for her. She was OUR little girl!

And now she was all dressed in white, radiant and so breathtakingly beautiful, and she was getting married.

And then there was my dad… I remember vaguely the day he walked me down the isle – vaguely because so much happens in one day, and my one focus was marrying the man of my dreams (Dustin, that’s you). But now I got to really see just how much emotion he was going through in this one day.

These tender moments are what we are always after. The father’s tear, the grooms tender smile, the love and the giving away… I hope as you look through the images, you get a good feel for this love story, the candid life of this wedding day, and love that ties it all together.

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