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One hundred and seven days. It has been this long since we have posted and written anything for you, our clients and friends. As I was staring at my Facebook page – yes, that is the world we live in – it told me, “You haven’t posted in 107 days”. One hundred and seven days since we have posted photos from our last wedding of the year, a beautiful November wedding.

I remember that day so so well, as our sweet bride and groom saw each other and held each other close. I was there, capturing that moment, their first look… I was far enough to where I could not make out exact words, but I could hear their voices and sweet tender deeply heartfelt words they were saying to each other. I remember those hugs, the tears of pure joy, as they celebrated and expressed their love to each other. They knew. I knew. These two have been through so much even leading to this very day. He went through cancer diagnosis and chemo treatments. They were engaged. And they made it through together. That wedding day everyone knew just how much this celebration, this forever after meant. It meant love so big and so deep to overcome adversity and sickness, so true that it became a testimony to everyone there.

That day I didn’t fully know that our own seasons are about to change. All I knew is something was wrong with me. I felt it, I prayed and thought about it. Something was seriously wrong. I think God knew what was coming and somehow let our paths cross with Emily and McKinnley. Somehow let us have this honor to be there for their wedding. Two months later after series of tests I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I look back, and still remember so much joy and celebration, that it was inspiring to me. Emily was so sweet to write me messages of hope and tell me they were praying, and it meant the world to me.

For me and Dustin it was always our hope and prayer that we would cross our path with amazing people to serve them beyond wedding photos, even though we strive to do our absolute best to capture their wedding memories well. But we often found that our couples bless us just as much.

We have learned over time the seasons can change just like that. After a very busy, very successful, fun and fulfilling year in our wedding business, we have found ourselves taking a sort of forced sabbatical. There are more beautiful weddings coming up later this year, and beyond. For now however, it is the season to heal and overcome this major obstacle, just like Dustin and I promised one another “in sickness and in health”. And we are believing for more of the latter, and many many days and years ahead of us of wholeness, and compete happiness. We will walk through this together, hand in hand.

Much love and blessings to you,



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