Jessie + Katie Engagement | Downtown Cleveland, TN

It is so refreshing when someone reminds you what it was like when you fell in love, dreamed big dreams… The world was wide open in front of you, and life was so beautiful and new.
Our exact feelings when had spent some time with Jessie and Katie, a couple of romantics, passionate and artistic dreamers. We don’t consider this time merely and engagement session, just a photo shoot, but a time we get to spend with our couples to capture the true essence of their relationship and personalities.

When we asked them at one point , “What are your dreams for your future as a couple?”, we saw Katie’s face light up. “Lead worship, travel the world, do big things for God”, she said with her eyes tearing up. ┬áIt was one of those moments that stood still, as in those few words she shared something so close to their heart.

Somehow as life goes on, with its challenges and everyday ordinary, we allow ourselves to think smaller or even forget… And you meet people like these two, who remind you that God is still dreaming big dreams for you, and you should give yourself permission to follow the path your heart always knew you were called to.

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