Jared + Lessie | Engagement, Cherokee National Forest, Occoee, TN

If you can make two people stand on a rock on a side of a very steep cliff holding onto each other, and they would not be afraid, and hold each other so tight that the balance they have created kept them from tilting, stumbling or falling over, then you could say that it an ultimate trust exercise of a strong relationship.

That day it rained so hard, and she prayed hard. The reason I know that she prayed hard was because just in time when we met to go to our location for the photos, the rain had seized. Not only have we learned of Lessie as the woman of prayer, but also a woman of incredible kindness and a big heart.

This was also the first time we met him. He was quiet and reserved, leaning on his truck and looking into the horizon, while we were waiting for her to come. But don’t be mistaken by his quiet composure. As the night went along, Jared turned out to be the guy you want to be friends with, a very kind and funny good-natured “outdoorsie” man.

Just as sure as we have picked up on his favorite “toy”, his beloved truck, I think we won him over. We had to take what became our favorite photo of the night by that green truck. If you know Lessie and Jared, you will know they love cowboy boots (in fact, she wore two different kinds), the great outdoors. I don’t know the names of all the places they took us along the Occoee river and the Cherokee National Forest, but they it was a magnificent view everywhere we went, quiet and majestic. If you spent that day with them, you would also learn that they are sweet and goofy together, affectionate, funny, and absolutely totally in love!

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