What Game Console Should I Buy?

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There may never be a clear winner of the console battle. Although that is probably true I will try to make it easier when trying to decide between the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch. I honestly would recommend a different console to different people based on their individual wants. Gaming PCs may be on the rise as of late due to the great customization options available, however, for more simple gamers I would suggest sticking to a console as they are easier to setup and use.


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Nintendo switch: Top Console for Families/Kids

If you have small children this should be the console at the top of your list. The Switch is priced around $300. The Switch offers exclusive titles available from popular franchises such as Mario, Zelda, and  Kirbythat your kids will love. (It’s ok if the parents enjoy these games to.)  Looking for something to play after the kids go to sleep? This console also offers popular games for adults such as WolfensteinElder Scrolls, and Red Dead Redemption. Bottom line if you’re looking for a console the whole family will enjoy, then this is the one.


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PS4: Best Games

If you are looking for the best line up of exclusive tiles to purchase right at this moment I would suggest you go with the PlayStation 4 Pro. While taste in games is incredibly subjective, I believe this is the number one selling point for the PlayStation 4 Pro. It has an incredibly strong exclusive line-up including games like Marvel’s Spider-ManAlienation, and God Of War. I think you could make a very compelling argument that this one reason alone is enough to justify the PS4 Pro over the Xbox One X or the Switch. The PlayStation 4 Pro is priced at $400.


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Xbox One: Most Powerful

Microsoft wasn’t kidding when it said the Xbox One X was the most powerful console ever made. In terms of performance, It blows away all the competition. It’s performance can even rival some gaming PCs.  The Xbox One X boasts an astonding 6 teraflops to the PS4 Pro’s 4.2. That’s 33% more power and it shows in cross-platform games. The Xbox also has the ability to play 4K Ultra-HD Blu-Rays.  This is a huge plus for anyone that only wants to have 1 device connected to their TV. Interested in exclusive titles? The Xbox include popular tiles such as Quantum Break, Ori and the Blind Forest, and Sunset Overdrive.

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