Southern princess-bride at a sunset bridal session, Cleveland, TN

She is fearless, she is trendy, she is poised and sweet, and full of Southern charm. Just look at her bold fashion statement in her choice of her wedding dress she found all the way up in Nashville, with its elegant sparkle-encrusted bodice and endless frills falling to the ground.

My, oh my! I know, I may sound like I too was born in the South (and I was, South of Ukraine)… Perhaps my obsession with this dress is silly to you, but I bet you will change your mind once you take a look at these bridal photos. And do not miss the awesomely-glittery hot pink boots, that’s right.

Now you know, usually when we have a bridal session, the amazing mom of the bride is there. She is there to make sure the dress is safe, she will carry her girl’s belongings, fluff the frills, or spread the blanket on the ground. She is on the mission to protect THE DRESS. Such a guardian angel was Ms. Debbie, Lessie’s mom. But I think they are more similar than they would admit, as both have equally embraced the spirit of adventure as the evening went on.

At one point, at this beautiful golden sunset hour, in the middle of a field, I whispered to Lessie, “Would you like to sit or lay on the ground in your dress?..” Without hesitation, Lessie shouted “Yes!” ¬†And the rest is history. ¬†There was a red barn, a hill and a valley, and a field surrounded by trees, and best of all the warm yummy light and the beautiful glowing bride. Enjoy these fresh and romantic images and don’t forget to tell us what you think.

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