Fun Facts

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:: Irina – Likes to stay up late. (Often times found passed out with iPad still in hand)
:: Dustin – Irina’s rockstar bass player

:: Irina – The girl of Dustin’s dreams

:: Dustin – Likes Computers and other gadgets

:: Irina – Pinterest Junkie

:: Dustin – What’s a Pinterest…

:: Irina – Doesn’t make much sense before her morning cup of coffee

:: Dustin – A Jokester who loves to make people smile

:: Irina – Owns way to much makeup, magazines and all kinds of other girly things.

:: Dustin – Helps little old lady’s reach items from the top shelf at the grocery store

:: Irina – Fell in love with Dustin when he took her hand (while watching Horton hears a who)

:: Dustin – Fell in love with Irina the first time he heard her sing (Love at first song)